Just because the weather has cooled off doesn’t mean you have to put your barbeque away for the season. We serve up Southern-style barbeque all year long and think you should too!  If you love the grill as much as we do, here are some tips for keeping it going even when the cold weather hits.

Image by Timo Newton-Symes via Flickr

1. Be a prepper

To have the best possible winter barbequing experience and reduce your trips in and out of the house, do all of your prep work before you head out to the grill. This includes preparing anything you are going to grill as well as getting all of your tools ready. One tool you might want to add in the darker winter months is a headlamp so you can easily see how your food is cooking.

2. Safety First

Winter gear is important to stay warm but can also pose a safety hazard. Make sure you are not wearing anything that could easily catch on fire (e.g. a dangling scarf) and ensure your gloves are heat resistant. Keep in mind that grease can also collect at the bottom of your grill in the cold weather and flare up. Having an extinguisher at hand is always a good idea.

3. Budget More Time Than Usual

The colder temperatures mean your grill will take more time than usual to warm up.  Also, depending on how cold it is outside and how thick your cut of meat is, you may need to allow additional time to get the same results you would in the summer. Consider looking for quick-cooking cuts of meat that can help reduce your time outdoors.

4. Make sure you have enough fuel

Longer heating times and cooking times mean more fuel will be used. Make sure you are topped up and ready to go. Cooking with the cover on can also help to save heat and fuel.

5. Try Slow Grilling

Make the colder temperatures work for you and try out some slow grilling or cold smoking recipes!


Are you ready to take on the art of winter barbeque? With a little bit of preparation, you can enjoy delicious grilled food no matter what time of year it is. Bundle up, plan ahead, and as always, enjoy!

That said, if the cold temperatures hit and the idea of standing in front of the barbeque leaves you feeling frosty, you can always stop by one of our three Big T’s locations for some grilled goodness. We would be happy to take care of the barbequing for you and your family!

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