Gluten-free sometimes get placed in the “health fad” bucket, but for many, gluten is no trending matter. Celiac disease and gluten intolerances can have major side effects, and this often makes it difficult for people with any kind of gluten intolerance to dine out.

At Big T’s, we wanted to provide a safe space for those with celiac disease, gluten intolerances, or even a health-based preference to enjoy dining out with their family and friends. That is why we are proud to provide an extensive list of guaranteed gluten-free options on our menu! No one should have to be afraid of eating out!

Here’s a look at some of our gluten-free options, but please visit our online menus to see our full list of gluten-free meals!

Ribs, Ribs, and more Ribs

As anyone who’s lived with a gluten intolerance of any kind may know, ribs are often a sneaky culprit. Gluten can often be hidden in sauces that coat the meat. Luckily, all the ribs (and by all we mean the incredible selection of ribs AND sauces) at Big T’s are 100% gluten-free!

So, grab your moist towelettes and dig in!

T’s Smoked Chicken Wings

Finally! Chicken wings that aren’t breaded or fried in a cross-contaminated fryer!

These wings are the only smoked wings in the city.  A traditional and challenging style of wings to pull off, but with our signature rub and lip-smackin’ spicy ranch, these wings are nothing but flavour!

Meatloaf Dinner

Okay, we KNOW meatloaf got a bad reputation from every TV show you watched growing up… but, have you ever actually had a good meatloaf? It’s delicious. Especially when drenched in our gluten-free maple bourbon BBQ sauce.

Still don’t believe us? Come on down to Big T’s and indulge in something new.

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