Local cuisine is something people from all over the world desire. Tourists and locals alike want to eat fresh, high-quality food that comes from the region they’re in.

Sipping wine in Tuscany? You assume you’re also going to indulge in olives grown nearby. Lounging on a beach in Puerto Vallarta? You hope to dive into guacamole made from the freshest of Mexican avocados. Holland? Cheese. France? Bread.

All of these iconic destinations have a type of food inherently associated with their name and are considered to have a cuisine in a league of its own. Although this sounds like you have to travel far and wide to experience the best in the foods we’re all so familiar with, we may be forgetting a world-class pairing in our own backyard. Alberta Beef.


Alberta beef is world famous, and for a good reason! Most of the beef produced in Alberta is graded AA or higher, and farmers here take the extra steps necessary to ensure quality. Not only that, Alberta Beef Producers set the standard for ethically-raised and antibiotic-free beef.

Producing world-class beef is also part of Alberta’s history; you could say it’s in our blood. The wide ranges, rivers, and grassy foothills made ranching an obvious choice for early Albertan settlers, and the tradition has been passed down ever since. The beef industry helped build the Alberta we know today, and it is an industry that continues to support our local economy and form part of the cultural fabric of our communities.

At Big T’s we use only Alberta beef and are proud to support our local farmers.  Visit one of our restaurants to enjoy some world-class cuisine from our own backyard.


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