Andrew Spears

Director of Operations and Master Pit Boss

A natural-born outdoorsman, the first place to look for young Andrew was always outside. He wanted to be fishing off the side of a boat or camping in the woods. Cooking by the campfire, surrounded by family and friends, Andrew loved the sense of home he got by cooking from scratch over an open flame. Growing up, Andrew was surrounded by a proud military family. His grandfather, mother, uncles, aunts, and brother all served. Inspired by their dedication and hard work, Andrew joined the Canadian Royal Regiment at age 24.

When Andrew’s mother Leslie bought Big T’s, he wanted to be involved. He’d been working in food service on and off since he was about 16. But he wasn’t prepared for the impact that Big T’s would have on his life! Andrew says, “From the moment I stepped into Big T’s, I knew this was my calling. I was captured by the science behind the cooking process. It inspired me to work long hours to master the craft of mouth-watering BBQ, slowly smoked to perfection!”

Those years of education and practice have paid off. Under Master Pit Boss Andrew, Big T’s BBQ has won numerous awards, including Best BBQ on a Bone at The Calgary Stampede and the Reader’s Choice Award from the Calgary Herald from 2016 through 2022. He trains the pit bosses at each of our locations, so they can bring the community consistently delicious bbq, day after day when he’s not working the smoker, you’ll find Andrew active—playing hockey, bowling, or even deep sea fishing—and spending time with his son, Tate.

Favorite thing to eat at Big T’s BBQ:


What you’re most proud of:

As a proud dad to my son Tate, there’s an enormous sense of honour knowing I’ll get to pass along these family traditions to him.  My passion for BBQ balanced by my unconditional love for my family has made my life journey something I am incredibly proud of. I look forward to inspiring others and continue creating some great childhood memories for my son along the way!