General Manager – McMahon since Nov 2022

“I have never met a more dedicated person in my life” Leslie writes, “Bill has found his home at Big T’s; this is his last position before retirement, and it was the universe that brought us together.  We get along so well, and respect each other immensely!

Bill is amazing with customers; the staff love and respect him and he will work around the clock to get the work done. Bill was in the military, so our leadership style is very similar, and I love that.  (Bill and I are Comrades) * Bill tells me and others many times how lucky he is to have found a home, with love, respect and appreciation.

A little about Bill:

“The best things in life come from living outside of your comfort zone”. This one statement pretty much covers my way of doing things, Bill writes.

I am an avid athlete, ultra-runner and Ironman triathlete of five decades with a vibrant history that extends far beyond my competition success. I served in the Canadian Air Force as an Avionics Technician for over three decades, then opened my own restaurant/pub in Kelowna before making the move to Calgary to join Big T’s family. For the last three decades, I’ve been working in the restaurant/pub industry – enjoying all the challenges that come with it.

I am the Pit Boss for McMahon Big T’s Location, and I love it! We are a family here, I like to think that shows in both service and food. I love BBQ! Who doesn’t! I think it’s the playing with the flavor notes that smoke and fire bring to food that makes this such a great thing to share, traditionally BBQ’s brings families together for a meal, after all Big T’s brought me here from Kelowna to Calgary where I get to hang out with my kids/grandkids and share their lives!

My favorite menu items are the brisket (with anything!) and wings.

A few quotes resonate with me: “Save 25% from every raise you get and it will buy you a home” (Sgt Rick Noel) and my own motto “Stay fit, active and have fun – it makes ageing way easier!”

McMahon Boss