Pam Benham

General Manager, Deer Ridge

“Pam has an amazing gift for making people feel welcome, she goes above and beyond to be accommodating and make our customer celebrations memorable” Leslie writes.  “With an amazing work ethic, she treats the business like her own.  Her and I are so similar in our approach to the customer’s experience, a shared love for this business and for people – I think of her as a “mini-me” and of course, like family!”

  “BIG T’s is more than a team, we are family”, Pam writes.

Pam Benham is an experienced, passionate Customer Service professional with 35 years of experience in the industry. She currently serves as General Manager at Big T’s and loves it! Pam is also a proud mother of two beautiful daughters, including one who works part-time as a server alongside her at Big T’s. Her greatest joy is being a Nana for the first time to her granddaughter, whom she makes sure to spend quality time with every week.

An avid fan of Big T’s menu items, her family favorite is Poutine, which they believe rivals some of the best in Montreal!

Pam lives by the words of Buddha: “what you think you become; what you feel, you attract; what you imagine, you create”.

“TEAM WORK- coming together is the beginning-Keeping together is progress-working together is success!! (unknown)


Deer Ridge Boss